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Coaching Buttons is an open community dedicated to advancing leadership. We believe that everyone can lead within and across organizations, regardless of their job title.

Leadership means stepping forward and providing a vision, and getting others on board to advance that vision. A Chief Information Officer or IT Director might lead in a different way than someone in a traditional "staff" role - but we all provide leadership in our own way.

That means you don't need to have a traditional "Leader" title to share your story on Coaching Buttons. We want to hear from you!

There is no one way to write an article about leadership. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your first article:

Share your advice on leadership. Everyone has a different perspective on leadership, or leads in a unique way. Your organization might be different from others; but despite the differences, we all share common challenges. Your insights on leadership will help others to build new leadership skills.

We're a community! One way to approach this is by writing a "roundup" article. Ask colleagues about their approach to a common problem, and share their comments in an article. For example, you might ask "How do you manage remote staff?" or "What's one strategic challenge you're working on right now?" These single-topic roundup articles are an excellent way to gather different viewpoints and provide a variety of recommendations.

Think about the future. Every leader needs to consider the future landscape and build plans to respond to that future. Share an article about one upcoming challenge and discuss how you're addressing it.

Consider your own leadership journey. There is no "right" path to step into a leadership role. Tell your own story about how you became a leader, at whatever level you are within your organization. What experiences prepared you for leadership? What mentor or coach helped you transition into a leadership role?

Interviews are great too! Talk with someone in a leadership position - such as a leader within your organization, or peer in a similar leadership role in another organization - and ask them five or six questions about leadership. What challenges do they face? What was their leadership journey to their current role?

We want to hear from you! Reach out to one of our editors to share your leadership story.