GOVIT Sympsosium Join us at GOVIT Symposium

Strengthen your teams, learn from and be inspired by others, and explore new opportunities to collaborate with your peers.

Professional development is key to maintaining a strong organization. For example, you might send team members to training related to their daily tasks, such as server administrators obtaining an RHCE certification or security analysts completing a CISSP program. Or you might host a workshop to build specific skills, such as technical writing or coding in HTML.

Leaders need to pay attention to their own professional development, too. Don't miss an opportunity to build new skills, learn from peers, and hone your leadership skills. This leadership development can come in the form of workshops or conferences.

One conference that specializes in leading IT is the GOVIT Symposium. Hallmentum has been part of this conference for years, and we are proud to sponsor the GOVIT Symposium again this year.

The role of IT organizations continues to change. For many IT leaders, it can feel like we're constantly deluged with information and new methods - and little room to work through it.

That's where the GOVIT Symposium comes in. The Symposium offers sessions and workshops where IT leaders, technologies, and business partners can come together to explore what's new. The GOVIT Symposium includes city, county, state, regional, and federal agencies, as well as public sector, higher education, and tribal government.

Your IT team faces greater demands to match solutions and provide services to be a power multiplier for your organization. IT leaders also need to develop collaborative relationships and leverage shared knowledge to tackle cyber security threats, achieve modernization, and establish digital services.

Hallmentum is part of the GOVIT Symposium because we believe the Symposium is the place to learn and build relationships with peers from other public and private sector leaders.

Join us December 12-14 in St Paul, Minnesota for this outstanding event!